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Well after searching the internet for hours I could not find a DIY for this and so here is mine. Enjoy!
This was performed on a Lexus LX470. From the service manual the engines are the same. So I hope this helps.

Before you start you will want to make sure you have a new gasket set for the manifold and whatever other parts you need. You will also want some decent tools.

FYI-if you screw your car up. I take no responcibility. Good Luck! : P

1) REMOVE NEGATIVE TERMINAL ON THE BATTERY!! Then remove the 4 Bolts Holding the cover on.

2) Remove Evap hoses and clamp for throttle body.

3) Remove Throttle Cable and bolts holding airbox in. Then Remove the airbox.

4) Unbolt the Throttle Body and unsnap wire harness clip. Then swing the assembly forward and out of the way.

5) If you havent unbolted the Evap sensor then do so and set it aside. Unbolt the throttle cable from the top of the intake manifold and swing it out of the way.

6) Unbolt the 2 10MM holding the wire harness on the driver's side.

7) Unbolt the top of the intake manifold (a bunch of 12mm bolts), remove and place in a safe place. It is also a good idea to set aside in a place it will not be disturbed. Blue clips shown for future referrence.

8) Intake Manifold top removed. Now unsnapp all the clips.

9) Remove 10MM Bolts holding passenger side wire harness onto fuel rail.

10) Romove 12MM bolts at the base of the lower portion of the intake manifold. (they have stars on thier heads.) Then double check intake manifold is free from wires/hoses and remove lower portion of intake manifold.

11) DOUBLE CHECK YOU REMOVED THE NEGATIVE TERMINAL ON THE BATTERY!! The starter is now revealed and you can unclip the harness and the ground.

12) Starter has 2 14MM bolts holding it in from the back of the engine. They are a pain to reach but they are there and it can be done.

Over all the process was not that hard. Just time consuming. There is a lot of things to remove.

FORGOT TO MENTION = It is a good idea to take some digital pictures in the different stages of removing the pieces. There is a lot here to remove and it is very helpful having pictures for referrence if needed. :thumbsup:
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