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With Toyota's sub-compact Yaris having been on the market for what feels like forever, a new model is due out soon. Reports indicate that a concept for the next-gen Yaris will debut at the Detroit Auto Show this January, giving us a better look at the style and size of the new model, which is expected to grow somewhat.

In addition, Toyota is believed to be working on a hybrid powertrain for the Yaris, using either a 1.3-liter or 1.0-liter 4-cylinder. This model is in direct response to the Fit/Jazz hybrid that Honda is planning, although AutoCar reports that Toyota isn't looking to bring a hybrid Yaris to market in the U.S.

While strange, considering Toyota's ambitious plan to increase its hybrid portfolio and sales, the decision does make sense. Toyota's hybrid technology is quite expensive and simply wouldn't make for an affordable package in the Yaris. Instead, we expect Toyota to follow through with the FT-CH Concept as a baby Prius for the North American market.

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