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While Toyota's plan for the Geneva Auto Show may be to put the focus back on sports cars with the debut of the FT-86 II Concept, the automaker will also continue to push ahead with plans to stay on top as the world's hybrid leader.

The company responsible for the Prius has just released a lone teaser image of the Yaris HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive) Concept, that will be revealed at the show. No details have been provided, but this won't be a current Yaris model, but rather will be based on the new Yaris/Vitz which recently debuted in Japan. Considering the more compact size of the Yaris, we wouldn't be surprised if it exceeded the 50-mpg rating of the Prius.

In addition, Toyota will also debut a new Prius+ model for the European marketplace. Similar to the Prius V, which was recently unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, the Prius+ will include seating for seven, rather than for five like in North America.

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