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Toyota Yaris Sr: A Winning Recipe

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Take one Yaris. Add highly desirable styling and exclusive equipment features. Price competitively and sell.

It is as simple as that. Toyota has comprehensively upgraded the specification of its 1.3 VVT-i and 1.4 D-4D Yaris SR models to create one of the most impressive supermini prospects on the market.

A unique standard feature of the new Yaris SR is the satellite navigation / audio system which is both built in and fully portable. The system offers handy touch screen operation, Bluetooth connectivity and USB connection for MP3 players.

Taking as its starting point the highly specified T3 model, the SR ramps up its owner-appeal with the addition of:

  • Fully integrated audio system with removable TomTom satellite navigation unit – a first in the B segment, exclusive to Toyota
  • Toyota Motorsport 16-inch Pit Lane alloy wheels
  • Toyota Motorsport lowered sports suspension
  • Rear roof spoiler
  • Chrome exhaust finisher
  • Brushed alloy gearshift knob (manual versions)
  • Front scuff plates
In spite of all these extra features, the on-the-road price of the SR models is just £350 greater than the equivalent T3 version and represents £1,100 extra value. And the price tag also covers nine airbags, electric front windows, remote central double locking, air conditioning, front fog lamps and the one-touch Easy Flat folding rear seat system.
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My first thought is................."We'll never see this here in the U.S."

My second thought is............"We'll never see this in SEDAN form......ever"

Nice concept (Toyota kinda' following all this EVO/Si/WRX stuff going on) I just know the US is gonna get screwed outta this one. :confused:
nice idea!
they really have to bring this to the US to spice yup the yaris nameplate a bit....this could help boost the sale of the yaris and bring more young people into the toyota brand!
nice idea!
they really have to bring this to the US to spice yup the yaris nameplate a bit....this could help boost the sale of the yaris and bring more young people into the toyota brand!
Wishful thinking, I doubt they'll bring this to North America.

But if they do, they need to bring over the diesel Yaris :naughty:
since the base yaris is so cheap a little sports model would be cool
light and sportyperfect for bringing in new young people
parents will only see safe and cheap
youngings will see car and freedom =D

bring it over
Id like one please, you can send it to.....
A yaris is about the size of a shoe (not shaq's shoe) where do you fit 9 airbags? I drive a tacoma, I was given a loaner yaris for a day last year, Like Jack Baur would say longest day of my life! It would be a cool lil car though Toyota needs some life n em the TC is ok but not really sporty enough and the supra is gonna be to much money.
I wouldn't mind two Yarii in the garage. One for every day, the other for all the play.
It needs more legroom. Any to come here would need the diesel.
go go diesel
toyota make a diesel hybrid
that thing will get like 100mpg XD lol
leg room wasnt a problem for me at 6'2" even though I had the seat all the way back but I didn have to put my foot sideways so I wouldnt hit the gas and the brake at the same time when i tried to accelerate with my work boots. Also the arm rest on the drivers door wasnt big enough to hold my arm. What was funny was that without leaning over I could easily reach the handle to roll down all 4 non powered windows, it gaver me flashbacks of the old celica high school days
I love my Yaris. However, the D-4D option would be great to have.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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