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Toyotanation Lanyards

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Hey fellow Toyotanation members!

This is just something me and Kenny have been working on for about a month, lot's of editing designs and stuff. After all is said and done we made ToyotaNation Lanyards! :clap: I saw a one awhile back and I
thought why didn't TN have lanyards? So I talked to Dana & the owner and they gave me permission to use the TN logos. I have them on hand so it's limited pretty much. Tried to have them ready by the East&West Coast meet but :facepalm:

$6 each shipped anywhere in the US.
Add $1.50 for Canada members :chug:
Just ordered 50 more! Please get them quickly before they run out again
excellent to go along with your keys :thumbsup:

How to pay:

Please include your address in the comments/note to seller in paypal!


As of 5/17, still have about 30 or so left.

Thanks everyone for their support!
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How do I sent the payment via paypall?
Click on SEND MONEY/PAYMENT tab and enter his email address and amount.
Looks sweet, probably end up getting one even though I have no use for one.
Man, Kenny where are you, you need to see these already.
This cool. I need a new lanyard. $5 shipped is a great deal. Still have one for 30039?
Well I'm not trying to make money..
it's just that paypal's fee is fxxxing ridiculous. :headbang:
Yeah I just do regular mail to anywhere in the U.S.
I'll ship them out every 24 hours.

Thanks guys hope you will like them.

First few are going out in a few hours :chug:
I'll probably grab one from you at the next meet :)
Uh kenny...are yours the same?
awesome... how much shipped to Canada?
Uh kenny...are yours the same?
yeah we were working together on this one.
payment sent!
By the way, to avoid paypal fees you can have the seller send the payment as a 'gift' instead of 'payment for goods/services' and just as long as the seller includes their address in a note, you've got everything you need and no fees.
yeah I just got quite a few left guys so no worries guys.

and yeah it would help a lot if you guys list it as a "gift" like the above said :thumbsup:

I was trying to get a personal account so I don't have to deal with the fees lol.
awesome... how much shipped to Canada?
Umm do you have a specific address you can PM me? Thanks
PM'ed you for 2 lanyards....payment send via Paypal as well.
I know im new to the forum yet, but sent you money for this. looked really cool! :clap:
Sent paymeny for 1. They look great! Thanks.
Just pay pal you as a gift. Can't wait to get it.
1 - 20 of 363 Posts