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Toytec 2" Lift

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I've searched and couldn't find out what I was looking for, and I'm still new to the Toyota scene, so help me out if you can. Anyway, I'm interested in this lift kit for my truck. First question, is there anything else you have to modify/cut other than the UCA? Also, can I use the stock u-bolts for the AAL?
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No, that's the only cutting. And yes you can use the-bolts for the AAL. It's just adding to the leaf pack is all.
what exactly is required in modifying the UCA? i dont see the install instructions. and could i clear 32x11.50x15s with that? im looking for a tad bit of a lift for a slightly larger tire but i dont want it too big. this is my dd and im looking for a 79-83 for my toy. thanks.
You might wanna go with a bit longer than OE U-bolt with the add-a-leafs since the leaf packs gonna be thicker overall, and if I recall correctly, the stock ubolts with the stock leaf pack don't have too much thread left over. Besides, you shouldn't be reusing u-bolts anyways, so buy a slightly longer set and hacksaw the ends off if they're too long.
you gotta be careful with the hack saw, it can screw up threads. i learned the hard way.
Yeah, you gotta do a good job of cutting it. But it's better than the ubolts rubbing on an obstacle or something.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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