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Tpms sensor bad, need help

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I have a 2013 highlander.
Woke up one cold morning and the tpms light started blinking and then stayey lit , didn't go away.
I think one or (more) of my tpms sensors is bad .
I would like to know which sensor is bad so that I can get it replaced.
I have the techstream to register the sensor.

Is there a cheap tool I can use to find out which of the sensors is bad ???
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For starters.. ensure it is the sensor and not low pressure.. including the spare.
Many tire shops will check for no charge.
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It's not low tire pressure. First thing I checked (including the spare). I even tried letting out 15 psi , turninig vehicle on the off, reinflating to 30 psi And trying to reset. I'm not even sure I did the reset correctly. The tpms light just blinks for a while then stays solid lit.
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Yep blinking indicates an issue more than a low tire.
Here is my video on how I fixed mine.
Thanks for the video. Did the tire place charge much to install the new sensor?
I heard that Techstream is expensive. One day, I might get that, if I need it.

I think I have a sensor on it's way out. I had the warning light blinking before going to steady-on for months, and it wouldn't reset. One day, I noticed it was just steady-on. So, I topped off the tires, and reset the TPS. Seems to be okay for now.
Tire shops should be able to put their TPMS tool next to the stem and tell you if it’s working and what the tire pressure is. Free of charge for me too.

a Denso sensor is about $34 on rockauto plus tax and shipping, should be about $25 to install.
Thanks for the video. Did the tire place charge much to install the new sensor?
I heard that Techstream is expensive.
I got the tire place to put in the new sensor for me for FREE. :)
And you can find Techstream online with the cable for about $30 bucks.
We can't tell you where to look, but think of the two largest online retailers or bidding sites ;)
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I got the sensor replaced and used the video to program the codes.
It worked perfectly, the techstream showed no errors and the light went off.
Right now I have all my wheels tire pressure at 29psi {as stated on the door}
Do I also have to set the tpms so that it knows when to light up?
I'm a bit confused about that little tpms reset button under the dash.
what is it for? what can I do with it?
No you don't need to set the system to know when it lights up.
And I honestly have NO CLUE what that button does under the dash!! LOL
I have found no use for the button under the dash at all.

I also find weird wear patterns at PSI that low, so I run mine between 35 and 40 YMMV
The TPMS light comes on based off a fixed difference from a set value. That button sets the new base value to compare against.
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