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Traded in my 05' Camry for an 07' Avalon

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I just had to get rid of my 05' Camry with the grunting rear suspension.

I drove a 4cyl Camry LE and a 4cyl Accord LX. No comparison there, the Camry is so much smoother and quieter. The Accord does have a better engine sound at high revs though and the seat is more comfortable.

Next were the V6's. I almost got an Accord EX-L but the ride was much stiffer than I'm used to. It handled great, it's just too stiff and has too much road noise. The Camry XLE was so much smoother and quieter, not to mention noticeably quicker than the Accord, so no contest there. I think the interior is alot classier in the Camry too.

I noticed for about the same price as a high end Camry, I could get an Avalon XL, so I drove one. That was all it took, there's no comparison between this and the other two cars. It's just as quick as the Camry, has way more interior room than either car, it's much easier to climb in and out of front or back, and over the same roads it was actually a little quieter than the Camry. No noises, no rattles, just smooth, even over some really rough roads. This thing just glides down the road.

If you're a big guy like me and you're thinking about a Camry, you might want to check out the Avalon.
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