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Trader rating.

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When did this happen? While I was out the last week and a half?

What's the point?

Why don't I pull any search results for it?

Why is the sky blue?
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WAX museum.
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I figured that much...

But I think it's lame. If somebody on here rips somebody off, they're gonna get blasted in the forums. No need for "feedback".. This isn't an auction site, it's a forum. Bad deals are made public regardless.

But that's just me.

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well, there's another way to look at it.

someone or rather, the majority of members are not regulars, they come on for info and get off when they don't need any info.

sure the regulars will know if someone is a rat fink...but for the rest, they can somewhat feel okay at doing commerce with someone over the long distance if they no negatives or have decent ratings.

heres the news about it over at the "site and suggestions" section: http://
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