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For those of you that have aftermarket trailer hitches, how big of a rise or drop did you go with for the ballmount?

I have a 16ft fishing boat and I was out in the garage doing some tape and level measurements to find out how much rise I needed. It looks like to keep my boat trailer fairly level, I need about a 3.5 inch rise.

As a side note I purchased and installed the Curt Manufacturing hitch on Friday. It took about 45 mins. to install and could not have been easier or fit more perfectly. Very satisfied, I paid $159.00 from and had free shipping. Product came directly from Curt and arrived in very good condition in 4 business days. The hitch had punctured the box on one end but wasn't scratched at all. I know in previous threads people have talked about the number of bolts used to secure the hitch to the vehicle; if you are curious, the Curt uses 7 total.
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