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I have an 05 Corolla. I need to replace the right side trailing arm bushing. ( Where the trailing arm connects to the car body)

I haven't been able to find or really any info related to changing the bushing on line for the model and year. So what I would like to know is:

The level of difficulty in getting the old part out and the new part in.

And the options for replacement parts.


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You need to remove the control arm first. Front horizontal bolt is hardest to remove. Spray its threads with penetrant from underneath before. I used many extensions and much strength with 1/2" drive breaker bar in front of front bumper, as a 1200 ft-lb impact wrench could not overcome the torsional flexing of the front bushing... I replaced my rear bushing with Energy Suspension urethane bushing, which is done by setting the original bushing on fire to remove rubber part only. You can also get an OEM style replaceable pressed-in bushing from Mevotech, Moog, ACDelco, etc.,1433059,suspension,control+arm+bushing,7532
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