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Trammy drain plug washer

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Does it matter which way the metal drain plug washer faces when changing the tramission oil? Is there an up or down? It look like there is a small lip on one side. How tight do you torque the drain plug?

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Quote from Greasewench

Originally Posted by jkjk15
Hey guys,

I'm doing the ATF change as we speak, just not sure about one thing. I removed the plug and the washer, the washer has a flat side and a rounded side. Does anyone know which side is supposed to face up (and be in contact with the Pan?

I'm guessing its the rounded side on top...


The flat side should contact the pan (be facing up towards the trans). u want flat against flat so when u tighten the bolt down the flat part of the washer crushes evenly against the flat trans pan :D
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Thanks, how much torque do i use to tighten it back? Or, can i just tighting it snug?
Automatic transaxle fluid pan drain plug, torque to
156 in.lbs. Note: in.lbs. :)
156 lb*in = 13 lb*ft, if you don't have a torque wrench in the lb*in increment.

If you don't have a torque wrench, that's not tight. It's firmly snug, like a spark plug, but certainly not like a wheel lug nut.
My 2 cents

My car is an '05 Corolla with 4AT. I recently bought 2 new tranny drain plug crush washers from my local dealer.

When you look at the new washer, it is almost like 2 washers stuck together.

One side of the washer has a rounded side surface and is noticeably thicker than the other side. This thick side is also slightly smaller in outside diameter than the other side.

The other side of the washer has a flat surface, is thinner, and has a slightly larger outside diameter.

When I compared the original factory installed used washer to a new one, it was clear to see that the rounded thick side absorbs all the compressing or crushing during intallation torquing.

The parts guy at my dealer checked with a senior mechanic in the service department and was told the rounded thick side goes against the tranny pan. This makes sense to me.

I did a drain & refill, installed new washer with round thick side of washer againts the pan, and torqued to 156 in/lb. I've driven 300 miles and have no leaks around drain plug.
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