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trans fluid dipstick

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i want to change my trans fluid in my celi but i cant find the dipstick for one and i have no idea where to start changing it at:headbang::headbang::headbang: any help please?
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The trans may have drain and fill plugs on the side.

The drain and fill proceedure would be differant and more involved. This requires draining then over filling the trans. Heating the fluid up to a certain temp by starting the engine then draining the excess.
Your car is a '91 GT 5 speed. On a manual tranny, there is no distick. Only auto trannys have the dipstick.

ST162 manual tranny below, the ST182/5SFE tranny will be very similar.
IIRC, they are 22mm or 24mm bolts. Drain it all out and then refill until it flows out of the fill hole - that will be the proper oil level. Car must be level for this.
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To refill, you can use the funnel and vinyl tubing gravity method. I prefer the suction gun. Pretty easy to just pump it in:
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