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Transmission Damage from bad filter change?

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I replaced the VERY clogged tranny filter. Everything went right. Put the pipe back on where it belonged.

Now, overdrive doesn't work. It's VERY noisy at 70-75 and sounds like the engine is ready to give away its rods. Recently, I checked the fluid again, and to my utter amazement (remember this has been drive for a few miles already) it wasn't even in the "HOT" area designated by the stick. My only reasoning was that the filter came out with around a 2 quarts of oil (it was that clogged). So it basically sucked it back up and went low.

I gave it another tranny oil change and current is at the perfect level.

O/D should work again, right? I haven't gotten any Check Engine lights, but I heard that there is like a transmission check light or something?

I noticed no slipping while the fluid was low, even while going 150 miles before finding out. And what damage could this have caused?

I am a very "fast" kinda person... And that with a bad transmission + noise just don't mix.

Any suggestions?

- Oscar

(1991 Toyota Previa, 2.4L, RWD, Automatic, 170k)
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