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Transmission Dipstick Difficulty

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I've recently purchased a 95 Avalon XL. When checking the tranny fluid, I have a hard time getting the dipstick back in all the way. I've checked the fluid twice now and both times, it has taken at least 5 minutes of poking to get the stick completely in. Also, I noticed that the tip of the stick is a bit battered. Is there a secret to replacing the stick? Is this a sign of a problem? The owner's manual doesn't offer any information on it. I'm on the verge of taking it to a shop but if it is something simple, I'd rather save myself the trouble and expense.
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mine takes playing with it too to get it in. There is definately one way it needs to be turned to get in there. Seems normal to me based on my 98.
Thanks for the reply. I've been looking around the site at other postings. I see that others are having the same problem with other models. Is this a Toyota thing? I've owned a lot of cars over the years. This is the first time I've had this kind of problem. Based on the battered tip, the previous owner must have had problems with it as well.
The dipstick is a flat piece of metal that can only bend in one plane. The dipstick tube is round allowing dipstick rotation. You need to turn the stick so it can bend and wind its way into the tube.
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