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I have a '94 Previa 4WD,
My family recently got back from a short road trip that involved a fair amount of steep climbing. Once I got home I noticed an oily film on the back of the van and a few drops of trans fluid on the ground. Climbing under the van revealed that there was a large amount of fluid in two major areas. One was on the passenger side all over the underside of the body above where the header goes from 4 to 1 but I didn't see much on the trans itself and the oil cooler lines didn't seem to be leaking at all. The second spot was on the driver's side pretty much all over the place under the throttle body and even dripping off the throttle linkage. It happened once before after doing a lot of climbing but it kinda went away until this last time, and I can't see an obvious place where it could be coming from. Any help would be appreciated!
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