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Transmission Fluid

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Hi guys,

I am going to flush my transmission fluid but instead of using the DEX II (or III), i got type T-IV fluid.

What do you think? Am i going to kill my transmission?

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That is the wrong fluid for your car, don't use it!
That is the wrong fluid for your car, don't use it!
but the color of fluid is same as DEX, it is red
Coolant is the same color as mountain dew soda.... do you want to use those interchangeably too? :lol: Basically, the wrong stuff is the WRONG STUFF. :)
just because they're the same color, doesn't mean they'll have the same properties. urine, and apple juice are the same color, but which would you rather drink?
but i got 8L of this fluid:facepalm:
but i got 8L of this fluid:facepalm:
Return it. Sell it. Something. Just dont use it.*

*DEX IV is backwards compatible with DEX III, but NOT NOT NOT recommended for these Camrys.
T-IV is only for transmissions designated for T-IV fluid. Your bottle is a Toyota product so bring it back to the parts department and tell them it's not for your transmission. They should refund your money or sell you the DEX II or III that you need.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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