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Transmission interchange 1990 ES250/Camry

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I am looking at a 1990 Lexus ES250 that needs a tranny. Anyone know about the interchangability of the automatic transmissions between the ES250 and the Camry of the same vintage? I am looking to swap complete trannies.

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Any V6 auto '88-'91 will work.

If I may pose a similar, yet opposite question...

What if I have an ES250 and were to lose my mind and want to drop a 3SFE into it... manual 2MZFE tranny in the car, 3SFE motor from an automatic... What would be the compatibility? What would I need for said swap?

Not that I would, but if I had to? For reference sake...
Any tips on pulling the automatic tranny out before I jump in?

Any tips on pulling the automatic tranny out before I jump in?

If you've never done anything like this before, my biggest piece of advice would be to be patient. Start the work when you have a week (off-and-on, not straight through) to get the job done. If you have access to a shop, get an engine hoist to suspend the block while you drop the mounts and then angle the flywheel side down so the tranny will sort of slide down and out. Clearing the output shaft (crank) to get the bellhousing clear can be extremely tricky with the engine mounted rigidly in the engine bay. There's virtually no room for play between the driver's side of the transmission and the strut tower, making removal easier with some downward angle.

Replacing the clutch on my 5-speed last winter taught me much about patience, and even more about effective cursing. :lol:
or you can just save the time and get one of those take home mechanics like i did who worked in my own garage and got it one within TWO days!!! fair price i should say too, i would have done it my self along with a few set of hands but who has time to tare up your daily driver when you have work the next day!!.. i paid 350 for a nice rebuilt tranny, 250 to install it in my own garage, 40 for the filter and dextron II fuilds, and i got a new torque converter for 200.. so total build cost is roughly around 900 depending on prices for parts...

saved my time and the hassle of trial and error!!
ohh and it runs GREAT!!!!! =]
"Transteam" parts distributor sells tranny parts for a reasonable price. Rebuilt TC is about $85
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