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I had some noise and vibration on my tundra 2000 while running. I raised the truck on towers an notice that while testing it, when i press the brakes, the tires stop, but the drive shaft keeps turning. Is this normal, what could be the problem if not?

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an alert to all operators of Tundras, or any other RWD Toyotas with LSD for that matter.

I recently had my rear differential fluid changed by an independent "quick lube" establishment. Now this guy is a quality operator and has been in business, sane location for over 30 years.

I had considerable discussion with him prior to getting the work done. I would normally purchased the fluid and do it myself, ( I have always used Valvoline 80/90 GL5/LSD either conventional or synthetic blend) or had it done along with other services at a dealership, but my time was limited, and my truck is 9 years old, (82,000 miles) so I figured they know what they are doing, just pay the $50.00 and get it done on the fly.

Immediately afterward, I started experiencing chatter.....................never experienced it before and it took a day for me to start to suspect the differential.

I check into some forum discussions similar to this one and found the recommendations of the posters to suggest conventional LSD 80/90 fluid ONLY.

I changed it out for the Valvoline the next day and the problem disappeared immediately.

I don't know how the differential knows, but it does.
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