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Hi Everyone,

So I have had my 2003 manual transmission Toyota echo now for 7 years, it has approximately 160km and two days ago I have encountered a problem that I think is with the transmission.

So two days ago while driving the car out to my father in laws to work on a wheel bearing replacement the car suddenly started revving excessively. We were 30 seconds away from his house so I continued to drive it there. We could smell something burning but are unsure of what, and there was a small amount of smoke that appeared to be coming from the transmission.

We 1st did the wheel bearing job as it was badly needed then proceeded to diagnose the transmission problem. As there is no dip stick to check the fluid level in a manual transmission Toyota echo we removed the air filter assembly and removed the nut for the transmission fluid.

Based on the research that we did online we found out we needed to add 75w90 gear oil and it should hold 1.9 quarts which should bring the oil level right up to the fill hole (fill and spill as some people wrote it online). When looking inside we could not see any fluid so we added 1 liter just assuming that it was low. It took the whole liter and still room for more, we proceeded to go to the store and got another bottle of 75w90 and it took the whole bottle with , so it must have been bone dry, even after adding the 2nd bottle of fluid it still was not full which is strange seeing how it should only need two bottles of fluid to fill it.

I jacked up the car and looked underneath expecting there to be a leak but it is bone dry. I went back to the store and bought another bottle and added it, the whole other 3rd quart went in and there is still room to add more.

We decided that with adding this much fluid it should be "safe to drive home" as soon as we got home I jacked up the car and checked underneath expecting to see oil everywhere but still completely dry.

So while driving the car the gears shift as normal but there is still excessive revving of the engine. Example: so once switched to 4th gear you push down on the gas the engine will Rev a lot and very slowly gain speed, once you reached desired speed and back off on the gas it will maintain this speed and sound normal/very slight revving, this does this for all gears except 1st gear which seems to be normal.

So I'm not to sure where to go from here, do I continue to spend $25 a quart on oil and keep filling it until it's full (don't know how much more that will take). Could it be leaking into something else and that's why I'm not seeing any leaks under the car.

Any feedback would be great as I am not sure where to go from here


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For future reference, I have a 2002 Toyota Echo with a manual transmission (standard shift).

-The fluid capacity is 1.9 quarts of conventional gear oil 75w-90 (***MUST BE*** GL-4 and/or GL-5 compatible) (synthetic is not forbidden, but double expensive-- and from what I've collectively read-- unnecessary)
-I'm 225lbs, and I did not need to jack my car up, or remove the air box-- I was comfortable just reaching under the front left side of the car to access both plugs and change the gear oil on my flat tar driveway
-Remove the plastic splash guard that's in the way (mine required a 10mm socket)
-Both plugs are 24mm
-Both plugs have a washer-- don't lose either washer in your drain pan
-Remove the upper fill plug first, then the lower drain plug (if you don't, the old oil doesn't drain out as well or as fast)
-I used a funnel inserted into a 3' piece of rubber tubing (looked tight to get the whole pointy topped gear oil quart to fit right)
-It is ***NOT*** "spill and fill" (so put 2 quarts in and THEN STOP!!!!!!)
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