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Transmission question

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I have read a few responses on this board concerning a transmission flare...I am not sure what that is, buit here is the problem I have begun to notice. Again, I have a 07 XLE V6. As my car shifts from first to second gear it feels like the transmision gets stuck in neutral for a second then shifts. This has happened 2-3 times so far. I am 1300 miles on the car. I haven't watched the RPM's when this has happened as when it did happen I said to my self "what the hell was that"?

Thoughts? Is this what you call a flare?
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Momentarily jumping out of gear is what Toyota is calling a flare and it normally happens between 3rd and 4th on a cold transmission. Only happens once and then you are good to go until it sits for a few hours. This happening between 1st and 2nd would be a new problem and likely something your dealer needs to know about. Pay attention to when it happens, how fast you are going, cold engine or warm, etc.
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