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Transmission Question?

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I have a 2000 toy. corolla......just wondering......when i am changing the fluid i put the car in park or neutral (automatic trans)......I always did it in neutral.......but a shop guy told me otherwise to put it in park.......O yeah, i always thought that with this car its a simple drain and refill or its there a filter that needs to be replaced, but i simply never knew about it?
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tranny fluid change entails two services
1. flush
2. drain and fill

I do the latter every 30K miles, but i do the former every 60K miles. Since your an a/t the drain and fill fluid for tranny & differential should be the same. (i'd leave it in park position if i were you). if this is the first time your doing such..and since its a 2000 rolla, i'd def. recommend a flush!
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