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transmission selector light replace

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I currently have a 1997 Toyota Camry with an automatic transmission. My transmission selector light or whatever it's called (the light that turns on when you turn on your headlights that lites up P R N D 2 L) isn't turning on and i'm trying to replace it. i have already taken off the plastic cover and unhooked the power cable attached to it. i have also unscrewed the screw to the gear shift box. however, i cannot seem to remove that box to expose the bulb. how th ehell do i get the thing off in order t replece that bulb!!! Help me.
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I just changed my light on my 97 4 weeks ago. Look at the box closely. It has one tab at each corner. Basically, at each tab there is a "finger" on the inside holding on. You must pull these areas outward, preferably from underneath this cover, to release these fingers one at a time. It would be great to have some tool, that looked like a hook to pull each end out, but until then, use your fingers. Be patient, the plastic does bend alot more than you think, just don't go crazy. It takes some time, you might get one side then as your working on another corner, the first one pops back on. It is aggravating, but keep at it. Once that is up, you will see the wire leading to the socket. Twist the socket out and replace. Test, then put it all back together. Good luck.
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