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Transmission Service

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I have a 1989 Toyota Cressida with 70k. I bought it from a distant relative. The transmission [working fine] has never had its fluid or filter changed. I've been warned by friends not to disturb transmission for fear of starting leaks. I tend to want to service it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Tom
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w/ 70K miles, servcing it won't create leaks. I'd suggest you take it toyota and get it FLUSHED. Don't do the quick drain&fill for 70K miles. NOT worth doing just that. If your taking it to a local shop, i'd suggest you can also have them flush it and replace the fluids with redline or Prestone Synchromesh (its superb for trannies). with only 70K that cressida has a LONG life ahead!
Wow, the first time I looked at this topic, I thought I saw Camry. But hey, another Cressida owner here is always a good thing :)

Stay away from Dexron III transmission fluid (the tranny, the Aisin A340E, is designed for Dexron II), whatever you do, as some Aussie guys have had some issues with it - apparently it's too grippy for the clutches. Some guys have destroyed their gearboxes after only 1500km of Dexron III. Though it may be unrelated it's best not to take chances.

The general consensus on is Toyota Type T-IV fluid. Works GREAT, apparently. Make *sure* the dealer puts this fluid in if they're doing the service. Don't know if the same fluid is available elsewhere under other names.
Thank you so much!

I think I found a home. Thank you so much for the quick responces - Tom
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