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Transmission Stuck

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okay so you guys probably wont believe this one but i got my transmission stuck in the clutch disk and im not really sure how

all i know is i may have used the wrong clutch disk i didnt think they would waste money changing the input shaft just a little between the geo prizm and corolla yeah...

so what i need help with is how and the heck do i get this thing unstuck and advise would be appreciated
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I wouldn't think the input shafts were different either... But there were 2 versions of both cars (saying you have a coupe and not a sedan). The prisim GSI had the 4age and the regular one had the 4af/e.

Have you checked to see if everything was assembled correctly and that when you push the pedal in the lever moves and actually contacts to pull the clutch away?
i know there were two versions of both cars i got my disc brakes and stuff of a prizm gsi but i drive a sedan corolla and the transmission i got was off of a geo prizm with a 4afe i was gonna get one of of the gsi that was out there but it had a 4 speed auto and i didnt want that

but the transmission is like halfway on the car its not all the way in which is why i think it has differant input shafts i was an idiot and didnt make sure and check the clutch disc before i put it on the car and started to put stuff back together

but my main question is how the crap can i get the transmission unstuck so i can make sure i have the right parts and everything
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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