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Transmission Swap

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I am looking to swap out my W55 5spd out of my 94' 2WD Pickup and replace it with a W58 5spd out of a Supra. I am curious if anyone has done this? I am pretty sure it can be done and it will just include swapping out the bell house and the shifter also is about two to three inches further back. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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The w55 bell housing should be the same as the w58 out of a third gen celica. Based on that the bell housing you have now on the truck should bolt directly to the w58. As far as I know, all w case should be exactly the same exept the ones that where made for a 4wd. If you need any physical dimension just ask me I have one in my shed. The good thing with the w58 is the longer 5th gear ratio. They where instaled on every N/A supra from 1982 till 1998. As for the shiffter location I think it's only the R-154 out of the turboed MKIII supra that has that problem. The case is longer, larger, but will bolt to the standart location. The only problem with this swap is locating the right bellwousing. The only right bell housing available for the 22re is the one from a 22ret hilux. If you need a shop manual with either the MKII or the MKIII tranny go on that site:
the stock bellhousing will bolt right up to the w58 transmission. :)

infact, when i start my swap, i'll be using a w58 N/A mk3 bellhousing to mate a 7mgte to my w56 transission. ;)

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