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Hi, I just recently bought a '92 Mr2 non-turbo. The engine in my opinion is fine but the transmission will not let me down shift from 4th to 3rd to 2nd to 1st. I almost have to come to a complete stop to put it in a gear, they all work fine shifting up and no problems from 5th to 4th. I am no means a mechanic but could this be a clutch problem? Or I fear I need a new or used transmission? If anyone else had this problem? any suggestions?
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Can you hit neutral and back into the same gear? Sounds kind of strange that it's only ona down shift.
Yes I can go back to the gear I was in from neutral just can't shift down? :sosad:
could this be tranny fluid? i have a hell of a hard time down shifting into second and 1st too. And upshifting into 2nd shortly after start up it kinda feels like it needs more lube! anyone know?
I had about the same prob couldnt go back to first, tried redline mtl which didnt solve the prob but I do recomend it. It ended up being the clutch pressure plate. finally smoked at an aut ocross this spring, I couldnt afford a new trans so I gambled on just the clutch kit (used a factory toyota clutch). Now ican down shift anygear no prob. Made me oh so happy.
the sincros are f*ed up my freinds eclipse does it also he cant downshift either into 2nd cause it is shot
If it is indeed the syncros you might be able to downshift if you double clutch.
lol..ive been wondering for a LONG time..what the hell is "double clutching"?
I grabbed this one from one of my earlier posts:

Double clutching isn't a skill you really need until you drive a vehicle that either doesn't have syncros or the syncros are shot. There's nothing wrong with letting them do their job when they are working.

To double clutch:

1. Depress the clutch and move the shifter into a neutral position.
2. Still in neutral, release the clutch and rev the engine to approximately the right RPM for the gear you're moving into.
3. Before the revs drop shift into the gear you're moving to as you normally would.

When double clutching is done well passengers shouldn't be able to tell that your syncros aren't working.

Hope that helps. If you want more information on how your tranny works you can find it here:
The end result of double clutching is that the motor gets spun up to the same RPM (approximately) as the tranny so when you shift the gears mesh seamlessly and your syncros are unnecessary.
Thanks guys! I found a cheap cheap 3sgte with trans so i might just invest in that. Has anyone seen a 3sgte swap with awd in a mr2? Ive been searchin/watching football but no luck with awd!
there is no point in trying to add awd to an MR2. if you want awd, buy an all-trac. awd would just slow an MR2 down.

ya, man that would be sweet though! :D
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