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Trany Help

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Question Urgent
Need Advice I Droped the tarny pan and just discovered
That the wire connecting to one of the solanoids (# 3) Was Pinched.
And With This In Mind I KNow It Had To Of Shorted. Now How Can This
Wire Be Coverede So That Its Not Coming In To Contact With The Fluid.
Also My Problem Is With The Shifting. I Can Go In To Revese But Not Into
Drive None Of The Gears Are Enguaged Only Park N Reverse Do You Think That
This Might Be The Problem. I Know 4 Sure Its One Of Them. Thanks Marquitos

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well in tranny fluid it's oil and oil doesnt contiune the circut not too sure on tranny fluid but i belive it shouldnt contiune the circut but now i guess everything in the tranny is still good but the pinched wires .... you can fix it .... you just have to get some wires and resplice it making sure the new splice doesnt interfear with anything else also you might not be able to resplice it to the harnest so you might have to by some generic radio shack plugs and rember tranny fluid shouldnt compleat the curcit. oh and you can check the soliniod by using a ohm metter and seeing if you have contiuancy no contuancy means it's bad
Thanks I Was About To Use Shrink Wrap an The Wires. By The Way Would You Know Where To Find Any Diagrams on The Ball placement in The Valvebody.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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