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TRD air filter questions?

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hi to all,
TRD air filter good or bad? YES I SEARCHED. this is my first thread ever, so please be nice to me. im new to toyota but been modding turbo cars for several years and it used to be a big issue for some turbo cars with high flow filter. i just got an 09 camry i4 se a month ago and wanting to get a TRD air filter for it. is the TRD filter going to create a lean condition or mess up the fuel ratio some how for being a high flow filter? if yes, is it bad enough to damage any thing in a long run cus camry is already a fuel efficient car to begin with?
Thanks to all.:Bruce:
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Welcome to TN!

i have a TRD air filter and love it. The thing is they don't make one for the Gen 6 I4. Only the V6. So your best bet is the K&N.

Hope this helps
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Well the MAF sensor should be able to read it just fine and adjust the fuel accordingly to the A/R. Same applies in turbo cars though. The Gen6's A/F ratio is probably more rich anyways. They do offer Intake System for the Camry, both from K&N, Injen, and Fujita, I believe, varies depending on I4 or V6
I have the K&N in my I4 and i'm very happy with it.
i found trd for i4 online for 60 shipped. i will give it a try thanks
^ i highly doubt it's TRD and if it's 60 bucks you're getting ripped off.

Unless it's for the Gen 5. But the price is still too high.
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