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TRD Cat Back Question

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Can someone set me straight. I have an 06 db cab 2wd sport and I have looked at my stock exhaust. It has 2 cats on each side,before they join to form a single exhaust pipe that goes to the muffler.
I've e-mailed the dealer where I bought my truck to see what kind of deal theywould do. Well not only did he insult me with a 495.00 price for pt #pt910-89061, he told me the TRD exhaust for my 06 is really ptr10-35000-23 (for a dual cat system) for a price of 725.00 plus tax
Someone posted this on the TRD Exhaust Owners thread... no one ever addressed it, and it's the first I've heard of it.

Can anyone confirm whether or not there is actually a factory tacoma version that has a dual-cat version?? (im in the office and cant go check mine right now)
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that part # is for dual exhaut but it's fo the 00-04 tacoma. i can sell you the trd exhaust for your truck pretty cheap. is it a long bed?
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