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Hey All,
I've got an 2002 Tacoma, 2.7 base 4x4 SR5. I use it a lot on gravel and off road, and was considering doing some TRD upgrades on my non-TRD truck.
Does anyone have any recommendations on upgraded springs? Any incompatible years for a junk yard TRD swap? Any good aftermarket suppliers for new progressive springs? I need to do a shock replacement anyway soon, figured I'd go with Bilstein 4600 and upgrade to some sort of progressive springs in front as I bottom them out frequently. Springs are my first concern, as I just upgraded to alloy wheels and new 6 ply's, and want to service suspension asap.

Future upgrade may be limited slip in rear, though I've considered an axle swap to TRD axle. Any reliability issues with the locker? Feedback?

Other options I've heard about in the TRD package, not sure if they're all accurate (anyone know anything different?):
Bilstein shocks
Progressive front and back springs, though I don't know how you'd make the rear leaf progressive
Locker rear
Heavy front sway bar
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