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TRD Rear Strut Bar

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I know it looks easy but are there any instructions to install a Rear Strut Bar? I have the TRD version. Is there any crazy secrets? Please do not laugh too hard...
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Just shove it in there til it fits... :lol:

It should be pretty easy... just line up the holes on the bars with the bolts on the body :dunno:
It could be fairly difficult, its just a really tight fit because it actually 'works', unless your frame is tweaked it should fit after some decent struggling with it. Just take off all nessacary bolts, and once you get a hole on the stud, turn the nut one turn on the stud's thread. Don't crank down any of the nuts untill all sides are on the studs. Hehe, mabey have a friend help you, or try stopping by the gym next week. :p:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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