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TRD Supercharger gas mileage/power

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Hi there everyone. Just bought an '04 Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 V6. As most of you know, it needs more power!!!

I'm considering a TRD supercharger, but I'm concerned about what the gas mileage would be. Also, is it a worthwhile upgrade in your opinion.

Any people that could share their experience would be appreciated.

I'm also considering the STS remote turbo system, although it costs more. (

I don't want to do nitrous at all.

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I have installed many 3.4L superchargers and for the money it not worth it. Drive one first. Sounds like 75hp feels like 10hp
Thats my opinion. you need that kit and youll get the most power out of your supercharger, your problem is your running lean. also with the supercharger, most get better or the same gas mileage. also check out for more info
The S/C alone will not change gas mileage by more than 2 mpg. At the same time the power increase is not huge, you'll need to do other things for better fuel delivery and that is when you'll lose another 1-2 mpg.
I would recommend experimenting with gear ratios first way cheaper then a supercharger. Not familiar with the ratios on tacomas so....

Another option is to have the computer reprogrammed its an increase of at least 10-15 also a tonneau should be another aspect to look into for improved milage.

Don't waste your time with that STD thing. :thumbdown
i have a supercharger on my 98 tacoma ex-cab 4x4, and the supercharger alone in my case produced a great amount of power, but it left the fuel system starving. the stock pump and injectors couldnt produce the fuel needed so out with the old and in with the new. the truck as it is now eats many of those ricers out there, and any fullsize truck i have encountered so far. im not saying ill go out looking for a lightning or srt-10, but i havent found much that i couldnt pass. before i upgraded the fuel system and had the supercharger alone, i beat hands down with ease the new 265hp maxima 6spd. but overall i would definately recommend the s/c but only if you look into the fuel system at the same time. thats just my opinion
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