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TRD supercharger install.

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Who knows the price of TRD supercharger installation on the 1MZ-FE ('97 Camry) at the toyota dealership?
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prob about a grand i would do it urself there are plenty people on here to help u in a jam.....its all about learning. If you dont put it on thenu wont know how to take it off or fix problems then ull rely on toyota for ever and even though I love toyota they charge out the ass!:thumbup: MY advice!
^ Well said. However I've heard installation at a dealer is around $400 - $600. :confused:

Dealerships will rape you for everything. They'll charge you $80 to install a $3 part.
:rolleyes: :disappoin Which is why I do all the work on my car.
The problem is that I don't have a garage to do this job, but technicalli I know how to do it, previously I had a V6 '92 Camry, so I,ve done simalar job on 3vz-fe while changing spark plugs, here is difference with new belt mounting and piping. And the second thing is that I live in Russia, Moscow, so I'd like to compare the price here and over the ocean :)
well i would say 88LE has a good price range there however I would say a bit higher but none the less right around there.
a grand for install is a little way too high. $500 to $600 is right
I was quoted 300$ at my dealership but I get half off labor so 600$ is standard.
The dealerships in San Diego charge $450. I checked 3 dealerships down here. Poway, Pacific Beach, and Kearny Mesa.
I've paid $700 only for work including s/c intallation and changing of timing belt, idlers, tensioner, seals, head cover gasket, spark plugs, water pump, oil with filter, air filter, power steering belt. I know that it is quite a lot, but not in every place this could be done with good quality.
Was that 700 for just labor on all that or labor plus the parts-timing belt, plugs, tensioners, etc? 700 for parts and labor is pretty good.
Only for labor, parts and oil were ~$350.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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