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TRD Supercharger

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Okay... now I'm confused... I went to the dealership and I had asked the pricing on installation and cost of the supercharger... the guy had stated to me... 1,073 dollars for the supercharger and close to 500 for 5 hr installation, more or less have 2 G's available when you go in, but what I don't get is that the Supercharger online I don't see less than 2 G's so WTF? I really want to keep the warrantee, even though a Turbo seems a lot nicer :|, but that wait seems a bit, anyhow is it because they get inside cost? But usually they charge more at dealerships which is what I don't get!!!
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Ummm, change that $1,073 to a $3,073 and you will be on the right track.

The SC for my Camry sells for about $3,300 retail, and $2,500 on the internet.
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