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TRD under car bracing parts?

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Do I understand correctly the TRD Camry and Avalon have three stiffer under car bracing pieces with the same part numbers for both cars?


Is this correct?
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Looks like it and it's not too surprising. Toyota tries and share components between all it's cars as much as possible. You'll find similar stuff in a LS you'd find in a Yaris. And I presume these are the TRD bracers so I'd assume they'd share those components too in the TRD trims.
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Has anyone installed them yet?
Has anyone installed them yet?
someone at the avalon's section did it. i think it cost around 80 dollars for all three pieces.
Ok so what's really weird is one of those part numbers is being called a Shock absorber on Toyota's parts website: 2020 Toyota Camry Absorber assy, shock, fr. Shocks and struts. Suspension, lilitrd, front - PT33703200LH - Genuine Toyota Accessory
So are these part numbers for shocks or for the bracing?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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