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TRD wheels/tires question

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I recently purchased these TRD wheels from ebay:

Just trying to find recommended tires. The wheels are 18 X 8. So far I think any of the folowing would work: 1) 235/45/18 (0.65% diff in diameter from stock 16" wheels & tires)
2) 225/45/18 (0.69% diff)
3) 245/45/18 (1.99% diff)
4) 225/50/18 (2.61% diff)

I know you should keep the diameter as close to your original wheels/tires as possible, so I have kinda narrowed my choices to either 1 or 2. My questions are...which ones would perform better, which ones look better (if any), which ones will save me $$, and which would last longer, or does that simply depend on tire rating?

Also, if I plan on only using these for summer will I need to buy TPMS sensors for all four and if yes where can I get them and how much are they?

P.S. - These wheels were a steal ($311 + $99 shipping for all four = $410!!), if any of you Camry owners are looking for the same I found them by typing "18 trd" in ebay search box. I work at a Toyota dealership and the same wheels would have cost me $2400 from them. I cant wait to get them mounted.
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