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TRD wheels/tires question

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I recently purchased these TRD wheels from ebay:

Just trying to find recommended tires. The wheels are 18 X 8. So far I think any of the folowing would work: 1) 235/45/18 (0.65% diff in diameter from stock 16" wheels & tires)
2) 225/45/18 (0.69% diff)
3) 245/45/18 (1.99% diff)
4) 225/50/18 (2.61% diff)

I know you should keep the diameter as close to your original wheels/tires as possible, so I have kinda narrowed my choices to either 1 or 2. My questions are...which ones would perform better, which ones look better (if any), which ones will save me $$, and which would last longer, or does that simply depend on tire rating?

Also, if I plan on only using these for summer will I need to buy TPMS sensors for all four and if yes where can I get them and how much are they?

P.S. - These wheels were a steal ($311 + $99 shipping for all four = $410!!), if any of you Camry owners are looking for the same I found them by typing "18 trd" in ebay search box. I work at a Toyota dealership and the same wheels would have cost me $2400 from them. I cant wait to get them mounted.
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Dude, you can't link photos from your computer. You need to host them somewhere like or

If you are after performance, you definately do not want chromed wheels because they add weight (and lots of it) to the wheel. You generally want the wheels to be as light as possible to reduce rotational intertia. If you put heavier wheels on teh car, you will notice that your car will be a bit more sluggish.
18 trd

got some trd rims as well not chome though, am going with 235 45 18 goodyear fierce about 100 per tire from local goodyear dealer best deal i could find without going with kuhmos or nankangs
I went with 225/45/18
go with the 225 its what is recommened by most of the wheel manufactuers i have talked to for the camry. at least for my '03. not sure what gen yours is tho

Thanks for the insight, but does anyone know about the TPMS situation? I still need lugs and valve stems for the wheels, are the sensors part of a valve stem assembly or is it a separate component?

As far as I know the sensors are mounted to the wheels inside. If you are switching between tires/wheels for winter/summer I would just leave it in the stock tires and ignore the light that goes off during summer. Not worth unmounting/switching/remounting/etc all the time. I know that the 18" tire I picked for my 99 was a 225/40 18 Yokohama Avid H4 which I was EXTREMLY satisfied with. If you could go wider and keep your sidewall in the 40-45 range you'll gain some added protection against bends in the wheel. Jon.

What would be the difference in the 225/45's and the 235/45's??
The 225 vs 235 is the width. The 235 has a bit wider base, thus offer more traction.
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