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Trials and Tribulations 93 Camry LE V6

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V6 engine swap. Head gasket blew, different quotes ranged up to $1500 CDN for head gaskets or $1500 for complete engine swap. Old engine had 271000km, new engine(?). Seller states 40000km on engine, straight from Japan. Funny thing though all the calls that they took that day and other days while I was there for what ever engine, they all seemed to have 40000km's. Even if it has 140K on it it's better than the 271K on the car now. Right? Do the swap! And then... start the trials and tribulations. Engine won't start proper, you need a new cold start injector. Engine is under warranty. Who pays? I do. But but...the block is under warranty not the add on's. Oh!
Fuel pressure damper leaks. You guessed it. I do. Fuel pressure regulator out of spec. Ha! had a spare. Had someone else install it. Idles rough. Changed the flat lined O2 sensor. Somewhere else. Car still runs rough. May have the injectors looked at. Will definitely be on the phone with the seller again.
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Man! When it rains...

F.Y.I. For those import engines they are almost always under 40K because it really isn't very far to go anywhere on the Japan mainland. The older a car is, the more expensive it gets to keep (older cars are taxed higher in Japan). So there is a realativly high turn-over of cars in Japan. The engines are pulled out of relatively newer cars and shipped overseas as low cost replacements. Most often there is nothing wrong with these motors, but sometimes...
Bud, my car ails and ills but I likes it.

93 Camry's rock.
Sometimes like a hurricane.
I did realise that the engine may have had lower km, however they could at least pick different values when quoting. 40K 45K 60K. Ya know. All in all the engine does look better and runs better aside from the rough idle. I hate to get rid of her cause she is such a good looking car. Had a diagnostic done at Toyota, you know for all the bad talk they get, if you get a good tech and service guy, you won't do too bad. The check only showed dead O2 sensor and Fuel Pressure regulator out of spec. Everything else was within specs. They now say the other test would be on the injectors. I'll touch base with them to see the cost and advise if anyone is interested. The good thing was that I managed to get my old engine back. It's sitting in the garage for future reference. We did a compression test and it sent a lot of coolant into cylinder number 1. It poured out when I took the plug out.
If it is the injectors, I have a set of them as well.

I know what you mean. I'll see if I can post a photo in the future.
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