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Given this isnt the safest idea...i would like to try it temporarily since ive never felt the true power output of my new well modified engine cuz neither knock sensors are being read....

basically im wondering what voltage level they output and the it a standard analog scenario, 0-255 range and 0-5V output conversion? if so im thinkin i could just go pick a couple analog dials up at radioshack and see what happens and play around a lil bit until i can rehook up the knock sensors, im just gettin sick of that engine light...555 and 553 (or 552 maybe?) engine codes

FYI - '93 3vz-fe auto, neither knock sensors are being read for some reason cuz i already tried the splicing technique

also if my memory serves me correctly the feul pump cannot handle around 250-260 HP and will just burn out in a couple days, is this true or did i make this up somewhere along the line? i know itll be close to its max output since the injectors are so small, as well as the injectors almost maxing out or close to.

is ther an interchangable feul pump with a higher rating maybe from the 3sgte or sumthing that will fit...something i can get from a junkyard...maybe a 7mgte? or am i better off getting 3sgte? or 7mge injectors?

note: i know the feul info has been covered, but im sure someone knows it off the top of their head so i dont have to search through 109875432890723 threads to find the right info

just outta curiousity, is an injector somewhat easy to install/quick? im actually surprised i havnt changed mine yet
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