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Corolla CE 2003
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My problem is very similar to this one:

Does anybody has the same problem? Is it common on 03-08 Corollas?

Let me explain my exact case:

I bought the car in 2012, and the passenger side was already not working. I can't turn the key at all in the lock, even during summer, so it's not just frozen.

I also have never been able to turn the key left to lock my driver's door.

Now the problem is slowly getting worse. Sometimes, I can't turn it right to unlock at first, but it usually works after 2 or 3 tries.

Today, I was not able at all to turn the key! I sprayed some lubricant into the lock, but I still was not able to unlock the door right away, so I had to pass trough the trunk lid (I hope that no neighbor saw me :lol:).

When I arrived at destination, the lock was finally free.

I have to do something if I don't want to be stuck outside one day! What can I do?

Thank you! :grin:
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