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TRP Gen3 5SFE CAI Order Thread

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TRP Gen3 5SFE Cold Air Intakes are now available for purchase. Below are the details:

Product Specifications:
  • 2.5” One-Piece Mandrel Bent Polished Aluminum Piping
  • 2.5” OBX Racing Funnel-Style Air Filter
  • High Temp Silicone 2.25"/2.50" 4 ply Aramid Silicone Hose Transition Reducer w/ TRP Logo
  • High Temp Silicone Stainless Linear Clamps (x2)
We’re very happy to be able to have used all quality components with our CAI, especially the clamps and reducers from High Temp Silicone. For those of you not familiar HTS you can check them out at their website . They produce top of the line clamps, silicone hoses, couplers & many other products.

Color Options:

The Base CAI will be a polished aluminum intake tube...

For an additional cost you can have your TRP Gen3 CAI Powder-Coated Mirror Black, Mirror Red, Mirror Blue, or Reflective Chrome.

Mirror Colors are a bright, glossy finish that appears as if it were high-gloss paint with all the great structural properties of a powder coat.

Reflective Chrome is 10 Dollars more than mirrored colors because of a higher powder cost and the cost of the necessary additional clear coat.

Reflective Chrome is the most reflective powder currently available. This coating is superior in reflectivity and image clarity.

Product Timeframe:

he CAIs should start shipping the second week in July. Shipping should only take 3 business days. We do understand it’s a rather long timeframe but certain items like our custom High Temp Silicone couplers with the TRP logo take time to be produced (in Europe actually). In the future this will not be the case as we are ordering a significantly large amount of our custom logo so that there will no loner be such a delay for future products. We do appreciate your patience.

Payment Timeframe:

Although we will begin taking orders as of now, we will not begin accepting payments until June 15th. Since the product will take several weeks to produce and ship out, we feel its better that payments start a few weeks later and therefore TRP is not just sitting on your hard earned cash.

Payment Methods:

Payment can be made via two methods, Paypal or Money Order/Certified Bank Check. We regretfully will not accept personal checks.

All the actual payment details will be added to this original post on June 15th.

*all costs include shipping to the lower 48 states

Basic Polished Aluminum CAI: (via MO) $160 - (via PayPal): $165

Mirror Color Finish Powdercoated CAI: (via MO) $180- (via PayPal): $185

Reflective Chrome Finish Powdercoated CAI: (via MO) $190 - (via PayPal): $195

If you have any questions pertaining to orders, payments, shipping, etc. please feel free to post here. Thanks again to TN.

Team Redline Performance
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Oh, man, I'm so stoked. This will come with full instructions? Any suggestions on passing Cali smog?

Edit: Also, is this intake loud?
^probably should ask questions in the other threads on this subject...

put me down for one of the base ones again:thumbup:
ToLiY said:
Oh, man, I'm so stoked. This will come with full instructions? Any suggestions on passing Cali smog?

Edit: Also, is this intake loud?
There were video clips and sound clips posted in the last thread. I will try and repost as soon as possible.

put me down for one of the base ones again:thumbup:
dysk8.... You'll get a PM from me tonight regarding this;)
talking about vids and sounds i never seen it for the CAI i would like to hear how it sounds:)
cools cant wait r u going to make alist of potential customers or who ever contacts you on the 15th. also its on a payday did you plan that haha jk.

I will more than likely pay by MO and I am guessing you will post up the contact info closer to the 15. Thanks in advance
I'd get one if I didn't have an SRI already.
Video Clips

Here are a fiew clips guys....please right click & save-as

TRP Gen3 5SFE CAI Intro Video

Passenger Viewpoint

Team Redline Performance
Hey Luis, put me down for one in the blue powder coat. I'll pay through paypal :clap: I just missed the gb so I figure I better get myself down for one of these now just it case.:naughty:
you guys gotta realize this is going to give you way more as far as gains than a short ram (considering they do nothing:lol: ) this is a great price for such a quality CAI
Guys here are the orders I have so far:

1 - dysk8forlife - Basic
2 - shingouki808 - Blue Mirror
3 - felonyr301 - Reflective Chrome
4 - T.L.C. - Basic
5 - Camrii - Basic
6 - Carguy - Basic
7 - ToLiY - Basic

Team Redline Performance
Sweet... can you put me down for the base?

Edit: I don't have to pay you now, right? I'm already at my credit card's limit and I need to wait for my pay check. Once I get it, I'll be good to go!
Hey Luis, just curious abou the CAI. Did you guys have to create something to hold the CAI from moving around significantly? I was wondering, cause I know most of the SR on ebay came with brackets, but they didn't work on the average.
Luis, It might be good to get those vids hosted on YouTube. I believe it's free and it may be less of a hassel to potential customers.

I also gotta say, that is a very very good price. Most of the ones I have seen are over 200 bucks shipped at the end. :thumbup:
Sry didnt state before Im down for the Basic Polished Aluminum and I am prolly going to be needing an address to send the MO to. THanks
That's nice but isn't $160+ a bit steep? Where's the incentive for group buys?
there was a group buy and three people put the money up... since no one supported them, they couldnt make em... this is a second chance I didnt think we would be getting. and if you think that price is steep, look up a CAI from AEM or Injen, then come back here and send them your money:D
Guys, there is no more debate on price or anything... Luis has given people MONTHS now to talk about this since we started the group buy originally. the group buy price was a little less than Luis's selling price now. He always stated that after the group buy the price would go up. This price of 160 is very fair. If you think it isnt, look for the price of the cheapest AEM or Injen intake... its around 269 for a Civic CAI. The Camry is not a Civic. If the sales volume would be as great for the Camry as it is for the Civic, then AEM and Injen would make the CAi for the 5sfe camry. AND they would charge around 300 bucks for it. If you STILL think it is cheap... consider this... AEM is a BIG company. They might do a production run of 500 Intakes, where Luis would do a run of 20 or 40, maybe 50 if financially possible. Also, consider the cost of the raw materials. AEM has much more buying power, because they buy more. Thus the fixed costs are incredibly lower. If you STIIIILLLL think the price is too high, then simply dont buy it and make one yourself or stick with the stock intake or some cheapo ebay short ram that will take in ambient engine bay temp air.
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That's nice but isn't $160+ a bit steep? Where's the incentive for group buys?
160 shipped is a very very fair price.
Does the CAI touch any other part of the car? It looks like its resting on the tranny. Plus I cant believe that the weight of the pipe and filter is supported by the silicone tube and ties. Just want to know.
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