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Truck Covers? *covercraft*

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Summer will be coming soon and I'm buying a motorcycle, which means the truck will sit outside under the sun and exposed to the elements. There is a neighboring railway yard so a lot of dust kicks up and gets on the vehicles.

I'm looking for a good truck cover for the doublecab. Anyone have one or any feedback on which ones to buy? I'd like it to cover the cab and bed; the license plates visible or I just not cover the bumpers. The HOA and city streets require to have plates visible I believe.
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Cover King is the best one for sun, rain, and fit. The outside is an aluminum colored material that reflects the sun and the cover is pretty much waterproof. The fit is the best I have found. You will need to cut a hole in the bed area to let the rain water drain. To find the location for the hole, put some water on the cover in the bed area and mark where the lowest sink point is. I ordered mine through the Costco online site.
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