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Truck problems

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my 86 model toyota with the 22r fuel injection engine is skipping and backfiring. any ideas on whats causin it?
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Timing, too rich, too lean, lots of possibilities.
Check the Ground on your coil. The bracket which the coil is held together with (The Strap Attaching the Ignitor to the Coil) Needs to be grounded. Make sure its clean from rust or corrosion and give it another try.

My truck started doing that once and I found it to be a bad ground. there was no pattern to the madness, just skipping and backfiring at odd times.

Try that out and see if that was the problem.
i don't think 22r's are fuel injected,mine is carbed
You are correct, 22R is carbed, 22RE is EFI.

I think that since he was so vague in his description of the problem, people gave generic answers.
Maybe spark plugs, plug wires, distributor and rotor.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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