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TruckAcademy RockSliders?

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I was watching TruckAcademy on the outdoor channel and they built up a newer double cab tacoma.

Anyway they put some rock sliders on the tacoma but they never mentioned the manufacturer. I searched on here and online but can't find the answer.. Does anyone on here possibly know what kind they were?

They also put a front bumper that was of similar style to the side steps and it had the name IRON CROSS on it.
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email the shows producers and inquire. Then let the rest of us know. :naughty:
Thank you very much!! I had sent them an email with no response..

I did notice the front bumper was 'iron cross' which made me think the side steps were too but I just wasn't able to locate them

Thanks for the links!!
:thumbsdow I don't like them.
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