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Hi All,

My '99 Camry leaks water when it rains/or I wash the car.

It's on the left side of the trunk and drips a lot from the top inside part of the trunk. There is a lot of water that leaks in.

What would it cost to replace the trunk weather stripping or do you have any ideas?


1998 T100 SR5 2WD
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Is this fer the Japan or US made Camry?

Using the part number fer the Japan made "Weatherstrip, Luggage Compartment Door" aka trunk lid seal...64461-33030.

Looking up that part number on this is what I came up with:

Item Number MSRP Core Price Price
6446133030 $52.11 $0.00 $37.60
Trunk lid - Lid and components - Weatherstrip - Japan built
Japan built 1997 - 2001

I looked on and didn't find anything fer the trunk seal on there. :(

Check with ToyotaPartsMan here on the forums fer a better pricing on shipping... ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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