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trunk lights standard?

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hello -- i bought my corolla a couple months ago and have been working out the little problems i've been finding. it is a 98 corolla CE.

are trunk lights standard in all corollas? if so, where is it located? i bought replacement bulbs today (194), but i can't seem to find the place they get plugged in... i would have thought the plugs would be easy to find...

if trunk lights aren't standard, how would one go about getting them? is it expensive?

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my 88 doesnt have them, but i dont know about a 98.
My 94 has one. Open your trunk, and look on the upper part( not the part that opens) and there should be a little plastic cage, which should have a bulb in it if it's there. Don't know if a 98 has them.
so you're saying if it has them, it should be obvious?

hrm... that's unfortunate.
Just open your trunk and lie down on your back inside of it. look up, if it's there you'll see it or see wires or something.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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