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I have been building my 3sgte motor which has gone very well. I have put in forged je pistons, Eagle rods, ferrea stanless valves, arp bolt kit, hks cams, aem cam gears, all new gaskets, hks head gasket, 650cc injectors, upgraded fuel rail, new intake and exhaust manifolds, down pipe, all hks belts, new oil pmp, new water pmp, fuel press regulator and much more. this has been the easy part in building my 90 gt which I thought would be the hard part. Where I am having trouble is trying to find after market axles, Suspension kits (tein preferably), big brake kits, carpet kits, all rubber kits from tail light and door handle rubber to window and winsheild rubber. I dont know if there is a magazine like lmc or jc whitney that has the carpet and rubber kits or not but if someone could help that would be great. And if some one knows any good web sites that would lead me in the right direction I would deeply appreaciate it. thx guys for the help.:smokin:
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