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TSB Washer Fluid

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I have a 07 Limited and for some reason my washer fluid all drained out. I got in touch with my Toyota Service Department and they mentioned that there is a Service Bulletin about this. He didn’t mention what part is needed but he had to have it ordered.

Just giving you guys a heads up since its winter season and you don’t want to get stuck with dirty windshield and no washer fluid to clean it while driving.
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Got it fixed / replaced on the work invoice its TSB B0008-07
They installed a new section of hose and joint.
Parts needed hose and washer & Joint and washer.
The same thing just happened to me on my '07 Avalon. The warning light came on- text message said "washer fluid". Filled it up- and it drained out immediately. Taking it in tomorrow to the dealer.
Next time you are in for an oil change at the dealer - make them fix it folks!
I took mine in 4 times to be fixed only to have it happen again before I finally took it into the local dealership (4 previous times were in Pasadena CA) here in Westminster and they fixed it 9 months ago with no problems since.
Just got my 07 Avy (new) Taking it to the dealer for the same thing. Glad I didn't crawl under to fix myself.
I would recommend that anyone with an '07 get it fixed next time they are at a dealer before it happens on a summer road trip with Bug juice galore baking on the windshield!
it happend to me to i got it fix they say hose fell off wow same year to 2007 it should be a recall
Happened to me, too; fixed it myself

Was surprised the car needed a repair so soon. Hose fell off the bottom of the washer tank. I put a hose clamp on it and it's been good for 23k miles to date. Seemed to be just a poor clamp or no clamp, i.e., relying on the hose tension to stay on the tank barb.
Dealership replaced the hose and clamp today. They said in the 07s, the original hose was too short, thus eventually coming loose. My wife said she already knew my hose was too short! :lol:
Me too

Just happened to me (oddly, the day after scheduled maintenance).
I was out of town, but Haddad Toyota in Pittsfield, MA did the TSB work with a smile :D. I agree this should be a recall. If you have an '07 and it hasn't happened yet, I think it's just a matter of time.
I just pulled the car into the garage, shut it off and got out to the sound of splashing fluid.


Time to call the dealer about TSB B0008-07! :disappoin

I'm not complaining - almost 54k miles without a single problem, and this ain't much of one.
For what it's worth - to have TSB BO008-07 performed, there are two parts involved:
- 85374-07050 Hose, Washer $11.80
- 85375-AA010 Joint, Washer $4.12

The local Toyota dealer charged $46.50 in labor and to top off the very empty reservoir. (thank goodness for extended warranties!)
Unless I've misunderstood the rules, extended warranty or not, the existence of a TSB should get this performed as a warranty item. In any event, all 2007 models should still be covered under the standard warranty.

FWIW, I got a phone call yesterday from Haddad Toyota asking me if I was happy with their repair. Pretty good follow-up for such a simple item.
It is very intresting to know about so many experiences from you friends.

I will definitely keep thwe knowledge and pass on to someone who needs it.
Unless I've misunderstood the rules, extended warranty or not, the existence of a TSB should get this performed as a warranty item. In any event, all 2007 models should still be covered under the standard warranty.
That's actually not correct. A TSB is merely a procedure for technicians to follow to correct an issue - in this case to install a new hose and fitting when a customer complains about a hose slipping off the reservoir. Don't confuse a TSB with a recall.

And I don't know about you - but I have about 54,000 miles on my 2007 Avalon which means the factory warranty has expired even if it is within the 36-months. I had this covered by the extended warranty.
Aha. I had forgotten about the mileage limitation since my mileage is average, at most.

However, I think different TSB's may be treated differently from others. For example, the ECC re-flash TSB (to make the transmission shift more smoothly) is done for the asking at no charge for everyone (according to reports on other threads) whether it's a 2005 (which involves a couple of grand in parts) or a 2006 or most 2007's (which are just a firmware flash). This TSB is also not a recall (although it should be). So I still think the washer fluid hose TSB would be done for the asking, since it admittedly (on Toyota's part) involves a manufacturing defect (i.e. the original hose being too short). It's possible that your dealer got a higher labor rate from Toyota by doing it under the official extended warrantly, as opposed to under an unannounced extended warranty (which is what "unofficial recalls" essentially are).
The bottom line however, is that I would have been charged for the parts and labor had I not had the extended warranty coverage. I had this discussion with the service manager since they could not find a record of my extended warranty until they called the dealer where the car was purchased.

The thing to remember about warranties is they are designed to correct manufacturer defects for the warranty period. The one exception is a defect that is related to emissions controls - they are covered for 50k-miles under a Federal (USA) mandate
I think we'll have to agree to disagree. I still think this would have been covered by Toyota regardless, perhaps not because they have to, but because it's clearly the right thing to do. We won't know for sure unless and until it becomes an issue for someone and is reported here.
I can tell you that it was the dealer's expectation that I pay for the repair if they were unable to verify my extended warranty. That pretty much sums it up for me.
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