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Tube bumper

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Hi, my first post here. I just picked up a 93 4x4 (I’ll attach a pic). It’s in good shape and I’ve got lots of plans for it, but I’m hitting a road block looking for tube bumpers that will support a winch, and I’m looking for ideas.

My first choice was going to be a marlin crawler front and rear, because I could fit lights and I don’t think I’ll need a real tall stinger like the Rock Defense bumpers have, but when I called they said the line was discontinued. Any thoughts?

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Check AllPro OffRoad, Trail-Gear, NorthWest OffRoad and see what they have.
I’ve taken a look at allpro and they aren’t selling them either, something about upgrading their design. I like the Trail-Gear ones, but I’m not sure if I’ll have enough room for lights and a winch. I haven’t seen any Northwest bumpers, but that site is going to help out a lot when I upgrade my alternator and suspension.
addicted offroad makes a sick front tube bumper that will hold a winch. Trail gears are cheaper and also hold a winch. You can always weld on extra tabs for more lights.
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Addicted Offroad
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addicted offroad makes a sick front tube bumper that will hold a winch.

Sick! I think I may have just found the bumper to get. Thanks flashkl. They have a frame reinforcement kit too for "heavy winching" have you heard of any problems with frame damage using a 16k (8 with snatchblock)?
I havent hear of any frame damage, but for really heavy winching I suppose the reinforcement would be in order. If you're so stuck that the snatch block is necessary to get enough pulling power, you probably will need the reinforcement.
Heh, well I’m not so worried about me, but I have a couple of friends with larger trucks that get a little overzealous. They are also a little lacking in the way of recovery equipment and will go out with nothing. As soon as I get my truck set up I’ll fully expect to start getting calls at all hours that sound something like “Dude what are you up to now... cause I’m at grid 3976 8758 just north of Montoia drive and long story short the duck pond I was checking out starts about 200 feet before the waters edge... I cant even see the tires on the scout...” I’ll make sure to take lots of incriminating photos and post them when I go help.
If you never get stuck, you're not having enough fun!
But it's not "getting stuck" if you can get yourself out right?
But it's not "getting stuck" if you can get yourself out right?
DAMN right!!! :smokin:
lol never gotten stuck in the snow with a lowered2WD then!

I say get it! I'd make a custom tube bumper for a lowered 2WD anyday!
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